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Why Weight Loss and Wellness?

Obesity is pandemic. Western culture is irrationally focused upon appearance – not health. The market for weight loss and wellness is easily four times larger than that for cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Patients seek out those doctors who offer weight loss programs that work. Despite the fact that these Patients mainly consider weight loss as necessary for a more attractive appearance, the real endpoint is improved health and longevity – it is not how good you look, it is how long you are here. Participating Physicians actually help change the lives and health of their Patients. These are the happiest Patients you will have in any practice who refer their friends and family.

So, as a Participating Physician you can have:





A large Patient base

Patients who look and feel better and who live longer because of you

Happy Patients who send you even more Patients

Upfront cash payment for your services. No bureaucracy, no hassles, no refusal of payment, less staff, lower overhead and exponentially higher income. . .

“If you build it, they will come. . .” Principles




First and Foremost: This Program is about doing the right thing for the Patient.

Licensed Physicians are the only people who are qualified to make decisions about Patient Welfare.

Competent Licensed Physicians in good standing are the only people to whom this Program is made available.

The Program was developed and is continually improved by physicians, for physicians, and is primarily meant to enrich the life and financial well-being of the Participating Physicians while providing a cost-effective and valuable service to Patients.

About Participating Physicians

The Physicians who are selected to participate in this Program are screened for their qualifications, knowledge-base, and understanding of medicine and diagnosis, and for their ability to perform under the Principles above. This is an adjunctive program that merely incorporates and redirects the tools you as a Physician should already have in abundance. If a Physician does not demonstrate ability or is unable to deliver this service under our Principles, then the Physician will not be able to participate in or will be withdrawn from

What the DietMD.Com Program Provides to Participating Physicians







 is Unique – There is no other physician directed weight loss program that uses our clinical dietary, behavioral, wellness approach. There is no other program of this type that is primarily directed toward ensuring physician success in all aspects of this business. We are the only program of this type solely owned and operated by physicians. We know the clinical medicine and the business from an unmatched perspective. We are for physicians.

Setup – Complete setup, protocols, documentation, vendor sourcing, weight loss education and training to immediately establish a turn-key Physician-run medical weight loss program. The Program can be set up as a concierge and/or high volume lower cost model. The Program can be stand-alone or in addition to an existing practice.

Continuing Clinical Support – By physicians with relevant and real-world experience in all aspects of the Program.

Lead Generation and Marketing Support – Through the website and local market development plan, materials and coaching.

   - Low Initial Setup Cost: no large up-front “Franchise” or “Initiation” fees.
   - No Ridiculous Continuing Obligations: Small set monthly fee for website participation. Participating Physicians are not tied to a confiscatory franchise fee percentage. Do not give away your hard work.

No Risk – If, within the first year, it does not succeed for a Participating Physician then there is a refund of the training fee. We offer this because it will not happen. Our Program is successful because of the Participating Physicians who are chosen.

Exclusivity – No other physician in a Participating Physician’s local area will be part of

Expansion – Well positioned Participating Physicians can open multiple locations within a larger territory. Multiply your efforts.

Recognition/Payment for Helping Other Doctors – Participating Physicians are paid a 20% referral fee for any new Participating Physician they refer to

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For more information and to apply to become a Participating Physician, please contact us anytime. Weight Loss Centers Corporate Headquarters
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Phone: 904.222.8500
Facsimile: 855.215.9815

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