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Weight Loss Program
The Weight Loss Program is novel and integrates a medically assisted diet program with a unique behavioral alteration approach. This is done in an atmosphere of positively reinforced habit change – put in another way, patients lose weight and enjoy healthy eating without hunger. This allows our patients to achieve a lasting change to a sustainable healthy weight and lifestyle. Results speak for themselves – patients lose between 3 to 10 pounds per week without hunger and keep the weight off.

Depending on patient need and goals a prescription appetite suppressant (such as Adipex - phentermine) is provided. More importantly, these potentially dangerous drugs are given under the supervision of a physician after a complete evaluation – to ensure your safety – unlike simply getting a prescription from a doctor untrained in the latest in safe and effective weight loss and wellness or ordering from an uncontrolled internet/pharmacy source.

All new patients are evaluated with comprehensive medical, cardiac and metabolic testing by a board certified Participating Physician.

The follow-up protocols further enhance results. At each follow-up visit vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels), weight, body fat and hydration status and other proprietary markers are followed. Patients are provided with high potency supplements and specially formulated vitamin injections (vitamin B12 complex).

All Centers offer no-obligation complimentary consultations.

If you are ready to finally lose weight and maintain wellness and a healthy lifestyle please begin by locating a physician.

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