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Wellness Program
Our Wellness Program is for health enhancement – for any patient and before, during and after weight loss. The focus here is to bring together the best in proven clinical, integrative and natural medicine for the benefit of our patients. Our Centers take an Evidence-Based-Medicine (this means study-proven) approach to our patients’ welfare – whether you are a new patient or a graduate of our Weight Loss Program. Through extensive laboratory testing (including vitamin and hormone levels, metabolic and inflammatory markers and derivative cholesterol/lipid assays) a medical diagnostic approach is taken to identify each patient’s particular nutritional and health needs. No two patients are alike. A unique approach to intravenous vitamin therapy is combined with dietary and exercise guidance to optimize health. At the same time we key in on natural hormone levels and provide the best in safe and effective Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. This translates into our simple goal: Help our patients attain optimum health, feel great, have more energy and live better.

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